Consulting Services

North Texas Renovations LLC (NTR) specializes as a consultant to many business owners.

Property Management

Our special solutions team is ready to complete everything from small maintenance items and emergency services to large scale construction projects. 

NTR can help you effectively manage your commercial property of any kind. We strive to solve even the toughest problems for our clients and assist with managing the needs of their tenants.

Adjuster Services

The process of filing an insurance claim can be daunting and overwhelming. Especially to those who have never before suffered major property damage. Our public insurance adjusters have years of experience in successfully advocating for policyholders.

We will handle all the details that are involved in submitting your insurance claim, down to the final settlement with your insurance company. With our team of experts working for you, you can be confident that you will receive the full settlement that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy.

As an expert in building renovations, repairs, and replacement construction and estimation, NTR also specializes in handling large scale commercial losses by identifying all of the coverages that may be applicable to the claim in order to maximize the policyholder’s financial returns after a devastating property disaster. 

We believe that the proper valuation of both building and contents damage along with thorough documentation of every aspect of the claim are two of the most important steps we can take when representing the interests of the policyholder.


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