Tenant Finish-Out Services

North Texas Renovations LLC (NTR) specializes as a contractor for commercial tenant finish-out construction.

Tenant Finish-Out Services

North Texas Renovations LLC (NTR) specializes as a contractor for commercial tenant finish-out construction. Our team will guide you through the entire project. Each finish-out project completed by NTR is handled with utmost diligence so that it goes as planned from start to finish.

We have completed many projects including build-to-suit offices, franchised-retail-store fronts and industrial warehouses. Whether you are starting a new construction project or improving an existing facility, NTR is ready to help you in every step of the process.

Completed Project: Grow Academy, McKinney Texas (January, 2022)
Completed Project: Grow Academy, McKinney Texas (January, 2022)

Complete Design & Build Service

At NTR, we have our own in-house team of experienced construction specialists and have earned an impeccable reputation over the years. Whether it’s basic commercial remodeling or intricate customized work, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. 

We partner with only the most experienced architects, engineers and interior designers and have a keen determination to adhere to timelines and budgets.

Initial Design & Cost Analysis Phase

NTR will guide you through the entire project. If you do not have any set architectural drawings, our team will guide you step by step to develop the most cost-efficient plans.

Most of the times clients have the architectural drawings already made. In a case like that our team will review the provided plans and design schemes in depth and will analyze the most efficient way to accomplish your vision.

We are experts in determining what materials are readily available and the best price to avoid delays and unnecessary costs to the client

Construction Document Phase

Once you have executed a contract on your space and you have confirmed your design and cost estimate we begin what we call the construction document period.

The construction documents will be your initial design developed into several pages outlining every detail to your project prior to construction taking place. This document will be submitted to their respective permitting department to enable a building permit to take place.

A few examples of pages from a construction document set would include lighting plan, mechanical plan, plumbing plan, interior elevations, 3D renderings etc.

Planning & Building Phase

When NTR handles your commercial tenant build-out project, everything is planned and built according to the national, county and local building code requirements.

We expertise in evaluating every project with a code analysis period to ensure no item goes unseen.

Our construction management teams keep themselves updated with new building codes and safety standards.

From the very beginning of any finish-out project our experts work independently to correctly construct ADA regulations, life & safety codes as well as mechanical requirements to avoid any unnecessary delays in project completion.

Building & Delivering Phase

NTR understands that every finish-out project is on a strict timeline before either rent is starting to take place or valuable dollars are being lost from your doors not being open to business. 

We pride ourselves to provide realistic timelines and exceeding customer expectations on every project that we have completed. We know that a timely delivery of certificate of occupancies is the key factor to make and close a project successfully. Our teams ensure that they are on-point to exceed beyond customer expectations.

NTR has a repeat clientele base that keeps on growing bigger and stronger with each completed project.


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