North Texas Renovations LLC (NTR) specializes as a contractor for commercial tenant finish-out construction.

NTR understands that sometimes clients do not have a full-scale finish-out construction project. It’s common to have smaller projects that can be painstaking to deal with through independent contractors.
We have also completed many smaller projects that require utmost intricacy and experience.

Some examples include:

Elevator Shaft Installations

Elevator installations are very tricky, especially when contractors who are responsible toprepare the shaft miss out on delicate small details. These are common mistakes but end up costing the client thousands of wasted dollars.

NTR has the experience and expertise to handle and manage elevator installations without any hiccups. We have a reputable track record with Schindler Elevators and TK Elevator to make the whole process seamless for all concerned parties.

Industrial Electrical Submetering – Industrial MSB Panel Installations (2000 AMP+)

All shared-commercial properties have to sub-meter electrical services, typically a simple routine project. However, some industrial projects with high voltage requirements are a lot more intricate. Especially in today’s market where supply chain issues are creating unprecedented material shortfall.

NTR has the expertise and experience to navigate through these challenges. Our manufacturer and distributor relationships have led us to successfully manage and execute many challenging industrial electrical submetering projects that seemed impossible to resolve in a timely manner.

Structural Penetrations

NTR has the expertise to handle different types of structural penetrations; exterior / interior structural concrete, industrial ceiling joists, roof penetrations, beam penetrations, etc.

Our team of structural engineers guide to provide a safe solution for each of our clients. 

HVAC Installations

HVAC units for industrial warehouses are one of the many things we are experts of. We can provide guidance / procurement / installation services of HVAC units up to 60T. 

Selecting the right HVAC unit for your needs, procuring it in a timely manner with the shortest lead times and installing it with perfection.


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